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Series Tunnel Wash Machine - CWSTS201

Quick Overview

System Features

  1. Cost-effective use for 60-80 cars per hour. More vehicles, more speed.

  2. Multiple wash programs, contains all the necessary functions for a successful washing operation.

  3. Drying with an integral dryers, Soft-foam or nylon brush, washes gently without wearing.        

  4. Optional 7 brushes, 9 brushes, under chassis wash systems and water recycling system.  

  5. Precise control, contour-tracking washing and drying. 


Product Description

The CWSTS201 series tunnel wash equipment is fully automatic system. The vehicle is driven in by the conveyor system. The equipment use experienced brush washing technology. The complete structure is galvanized and painted, to avoid corrosion in the harsh car wash conditions.


Machine sizes :

16000*3760*3100 mm(LxWxH)

Conveyor speed :

5-6 m/min

Washable car service :

1950x2200 mm (WxH)

Washing capacity :

60-80 cars/hour

Water consumption:

100-120 liters/car

Air pressure :

5-6 bar