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DaTo, a world-renowned manufacturer and supplier of professional diagnostic tools, equipment and accessories in the automotive aftermarket. Our mission is to provide our customers with quality-assured, easy-to-use, cost-effective and innovative products, enabling them to diagnose and repair vehicles with maximum efficiency. With years of experience in the industry, we have been dedicated to delivering reliable and cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of our customers across the globe. Our commitment to excellence has enabled us to become one of the leading names in the automotive aftermarket, trusted by professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Since inception, DaTo as an organization has always designed and introduced products which are cutting edge and advanced for the market rather than catching up with competitors. The company thrives on a motto of working with common laymen understanding their difficulty. By introducing simple but advanced tools and equipment DaTo has become a house hold name in a very short period of time in the Middle Eastern and African market.

Strict quality control procedures are practiced in all division of the institution from planning to inception.

As a memento for our beloved customers we provide complete garage setup solution from Planning, installation and commissioning including the IT support.

According to DaTo, Our customer remains the focal point of all operations. Attention to detail in all aspects of service has helped us maintain good relations with a wide spectrum of customers, from individuals to institutions. To deliver this value to our customers, we make every effort to understand our end-users' needs and translate those needs into superior products by maximizing our research and development and manufacturing capabilities.

DaTo is an Ireland-based company that operates as an automotive equipment manufacturer and supplier. With a rich history and expertise in the automotive industry, DaTo has established itself as a reliable provider of high-quality automotive equipment and solutions. We are the leader in Hydraulic lifts, spray booth/ paintbooth, car wash lifts, Hand tools. When it comes to the automotive industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there is only one name that stands above the rest: DaTo. As the unrivaled No. 1 supplier of automotive tools and equipment we have solidified."

Introducing the revolutionary DaTo brand, the world's first Electric Vehicle Multi Diagnostic Scanner EV, representing a groundbreaking milestone in the automotive industry. With cutting-edge technology and innovative engineering, DaTo has redefined the landscape of electric vehicle diagnostics.

Designed to cater specifically to the unique needs of electric vehicles, DaTo's Multi Diagnostic Scanner is a versatile tool capable of identifying and resolving a wide range of issues, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Unlike traditional diagnostic scanners, DaTo is equipped with the latest advancements in EV diagnostic capabilities, making it an indispensable asset for both automotive professionals and electric vehicle owners.

The principles and standards that DaTo follows has made our Company one of the most reputed and trusted Organization in UAE. But what we consider as our biggest achievement is that we have been able to satisfy all our clients with precision effectively and efficiently. It’s their valuable trust that has helped us grow over the years.


Vision without action is day dream, action without vision is nightmare. Under the leadership of the founder, DaTo has travelled places, creating opportunities where none existed. We created a name in the market by

building on the success of trust we made in a very short period of time. At a time when we are about to celebrate a decade long fruitful years of existence, we stand by our vision of success through trust. The starting point of all these success was our desire to be a leader in the market. We were ready to take risk where none did and we came out successful. Under the great leadership of the founder, our team translated the vision to reality. The strategic plans laid down before us for the coming years will enhance us face the future with confidence.

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DaTo,as a company has always kept the interest of it customer’s needs at forefront. We believe success only comes with trust. We have built up the trust and love of the market as a brand renowned for its simple to use and innovative products. We have found a successful formula of happy

customers to prove our reliability in the market by providing quality at affordable prices. We have earned the trust of our customers, silenced our critics with advanced products tailor made for the market. We learned success is nothing but respect and trust. Always, on the path of improving the products with innovation, we have kept the requirements of the market as basis rather than following foot prints of others.

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Great things in business are never done by a person, it is done by a group. Individual talents are magnified many times over by collective effort of a group of people. At DaTo, we don’t create followers but create

great leaders for the future by constantly monitoring the efforts of the team and motivating them .We believe in the efforts and contribution made by our team in the collective development of the company. Starting with a team of four members we stand united with a total strength of more than 200 hundred employees spread over all of Middle East and Africa. Team at DaTo, divides the task and multiplies it to success. We combine together the smartness of each individual to brilliance of minds at our business ventures.

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