AC Service Station - R 1234YF Compatible | ACMAS301+ | DaTo Tech

ACMAS301+ A/C SERVICE STATION (R-1234YF Compatible)

Quick Overview


DaTo Tech AC recycling machine has under gone extreme R& D development in varying atmospheric and refrigerants and has been engineered to be the best of the kind to sustain clogging issues in using impure refrigerants in the vehicles and also the work in full speed devoid of the humidity interferences.


  1. Ergonomic design and user friendly interface
  2. Large LCD display, easy to operate
  3. Quick recharging option-saves time and labor
  4. Reliable hard ware and heavy duty compressor
  5. Innovative valve body design-compact and efficient
  6. Highly efficient oil & gas separator
  7. Automatic gas and oil recharging function
  8. Precise gas recovery in few minutes time


Abundant a/c database from 1995-2015 over 4000 car models


  1. Recovering/Recycling
  2. Discharging used oil
  3. Vacuum
  4. Refiling new oil
  5. Recharging
  6. Full Automatic mode
  7. A/C System Flush
  8. UV Dye Test


  1. Power supply:AC220V[+-]10%[-]50/60hz,
  2. AC110V[+-]10%[-]60Hz
  3. Vacuum pump:120L/min
  4. Compresor:3/8HP
  5. Electronic scale accuracy(refrigerant tank)[+-]10g
  6. Max. working pressure:17.5bar
  7. Dry filter:0.122L
  8. Refrigerator tank volume:12L
  9. Recycling speed:0.5kg/Min(max)
  10. Recharging speed:2Kg/Min(max)
  11. LCD display:480x272
  12. Electronic scale accuracy(oil tank)[+-]5g
  13. Recovery Rate:99% to medium
  14. Flush Time:20[-]60min
  15. Refrigerant: R134a, R-1234YF