Exhaust Gas Extraction Systems - DEV1001

Quick Overview

The Variants:

  1. Aluminum rails, SR60 type, SR1000 type, trolleys & accessories.
  2. Hose reel, mechanical or electrical, with or without fan.
  3. Mono-post kit, twin post kit and mobile extraction systems.
  4. Fix or mobile extraction kits for MOT testing.
  5. Funnels, nozzles, hoses and accessories.
  6. Extraction fans.
  7. Filters for exhaust pipes
  8. Specific ventilation.



The Concept of Go- Green and Clean Working environment for a healthy community of the workers is the new definition of an ever changing Dynamic industry.

In regards, professional extraction System for the exhaust gas of the vehicles which pollutes the working environment and as well as the smoky appearance and limitation of providing an Air condition Units could now be resolved with the Intelligent Extraction System.