ASMFC101 Fender Cover (General Size)

Quick Overview

ASMFC101 Fender Cover (General Size)


  1. PVC Upper + felt, lining + chemical fiber piping
  2. 2 piece fender covers,+ 1 piece front end bumper  
  3. Material: synthetic soft leather Maintenance  
  4. fender cover: long 110CM; width 45CM;6 magnets in front bumper: long 140CM; width 65CM;8 Magnets, 3 links, it is applicable to all ordinary cars, Colors: red, blue, black


  1. Heat insulation, perfect for protecting your car
  2. Non-slip fender cover
  3. Great for working under hood
  4. Prevent scratches and dents on the car
  5. Fender Cover for repair use
  6. Helps car finishes from grease, grime and scratches
  7. Your logo accept
  8. High-grade, energy conservation, environmental protection, cost savings about 60 to 70%, recycling up to 2 year's lifespan