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WESWX160 - Digital Spot Welding Machine

Quick Overview


WESWX160 with X-type gun is specifically designed for meeting the high requirements of the automotive industry. It is an advanced digital spot welding machine from DaTo with industry leading technology to its credit. It come with innovative technology wherein the operational voltage is compensated automatically. When the welder is connected to a three phase line, the operational voltage compensation which is inbuilt of the machine automatically compensates the variation in voltage and maintains a constant voltage supply wherein increasing the life of the machine by preventing damage. The unique supporting arm designed for the machine helps in 360°. It also comes with special functions to test the working of the spot welding gun in the form of inbuilt self-test mode function.



  1. Microprocessor control system optimizes the welding parameters.
  2. Digital control system adds in greater stability for the machine.
  3. Automatically control the voltage flow by in built voltage regulator.                            
  4. Welding gun testing function.
  5. Overheat protection.
  6. High precision time and heat adjustment.
  7. Designed to work with regular steel and stainless steel.
  8. Comes with triangle washers for dent pulling.
  9. Digital display
  10. Large pulling hammer and wave form pulling adaptor.
  11. Step less current regulation.




Input Voltage


Output Voltage

            Carbon rod heating

AC 6V-10V

            Washer Welding


         Double Sided  welding


Input Power

22 Kw

Instant Max. Current

5800 A

Input Current

57 A

Operational Way

Electronic Timer, continuity

Single Side Weld Thickness


Time regulation System



720x600x1550 mm


86 Kg


  1. X-TYPE welding gun
  2. Earth Clamp
  3. Pneumatic Vacuum Hammer
  4. Pulling Hammer with Hook
  5. Dent Pulling Spot Hammer
  6. Pulling Claw