AC Service Station | ACMAS702 | DaTo


Quick Overview

DaTo AC SERVICE STATION - ACMAS702 is an ideal option for workshops that have requirements of handling both R-134a and HFO-1234yf  refrigerants. The loss of refrigerant is minimized to less than 50 gram at shifting from one refrigerant to another, and deep internal evacuation ensures zero cross contamination between two refrigerants. The machine is equipped with 2 refrigerant tanks, which saves the operators' time of replacing tanks.




  • Tank fill

  • Recovery
  • Vacuum/vacuum leak test
  • Oil injection
  • Charge
  • Fully automatic

Optional Functions

  • Oil bottle load cell
  • Printer & Vacuum leak test
  • Two dry filters available
  • Identifier for either RI 34a or RI 234yf


  • Input power:AC220V+-10%~50/60Hz,or AC110V+-10%60Hz
  • Touch screen display
  • Compressor power:3/8HP
  • Hand valves free
  • Recovery rate>=95%
  • Average gas state refrigerant recovery speed (through charge/suction port):250g/min
  • Vacuum pump capacity:60L/min, non-sparkle
  • Accuracy of gas cylinder load cell:+-10g
  • New/used oil bottle capacity: 250ml/400ml
  • Accuracy of New / Used oil bottle load cell: +-5g
  • Max. Pressure: 20bar
  • Charge speed: 2Kg/Min(max.)
  • High pressure gauge range:- 1 bar~ 30bar
  • Low pressure gauge range: -1 bar~ 16bar
  • A/C database included, free update through USB port
  • Thermal printer
  • Dual tank equipped
  • Automatic service reminding
  • Loss of refrigerant during refrigerant change is minimized