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Quick Overview


The PBBSF123 Paint booth is the standard design of a Professional Paint Booth delivered by DaTo marketed by dato tech.

Installed with two blowers (one turbo speed blower motor and one 7.5KW blower on the exhaust), it delivers 25,000 m³/h of Air flow volume. The possibility of the Exhaust Blower enables the painter to have more wide angle spray over the vehicle without over spray due to high suctional force. Also enables healthy and good breathing habits for the Painter.

Installed with Italian Burner (diesel) for baking function, the quick baking function eliminates dust free paint finish. 

In most cases you can deliver the car without a polish. Optimized for high speed Glossy Painting. 

Paint booths have become quintessential equipment in Body shop. You can expect a dust-free operation while conducting a painting process. DaTo Paintbooth best durability and reliable service to our valuable customers and designed to meet the painting requirement for both solvent. The paints we deal with distinguish themselves as high performance, reliability, easy operation, and low power consumption. We are indeed a complete solution provider, delivering great expertise in the automotive industry.

If you are trying to find a quality paint booth supplier in Dubai, we can deliver you worth trying results. We ensure our customers can gain maximum benefit in the range of service we offer to them. We provide an ideal environment for innovation, quality, and technology established in what we offer, with the core values being quality, value for money, and service. Our company provides the most cost-effective approach to meet the wider needs of customers and deliver practical solutions.


Paint booth has been a mandatory equipment in body shop. They are used to ensure dust free operation during the painting process so that the quality of the painting is improved. It has a paint baking facility for proper drying of painted area. This helps in getting factory finish paint quality. It prevents the operator from inhaling the hazardous paint fumes.

Our paint booth distinguishes itself for high performance, low power consumption, high reliability and ease of operation. We have different configurations of paint booth to accommodate most of the Indian CARS/SUV/MPV/LCV. The configurations are as follows.



  • Provides safe and clean air to the operator by eradicating paint particles through the exhaust and ensuring a pollution-free environment is maintained.
  • Paint booth filters help prevent the fumes and overspray and being removed from the booth as well as not polluting the air
  • It has a specially designed intake & exhaust filtration, which offers even air movement inside the booth.
  • It also tends to decrease operating expenses, the reason being the elimination of water curtain chemicals.
  • Dust free painting chamber
  • Better velocity for exhaust of paint fumes
    Puff insulated panels for longer life and better heat insulation
  • High capacity burner for quick drying of painted area
  • Reduces rework and refinish job thus increases the productivity
  • Arrest paint fumes on base filters which controls pollution
  • Reduces the safety hazard of operator by reducing the fumes in the chamber
  • Higher fuel efficiency during the baking mode



Overall Dimension (m) 7.0*5.3*3.5
Inner Dimension (m) 6.9*3.9*2.7
Drive Through Door Width (m) 3
Drive Through Door Height (m) 2.7
Steel Plate Thickness (mm) 0.426
Filtrated Area (m²) 20
Air Flow Volume (m³/h) 25000
Air Velocity within booth (m/s) 0.3~0.5
Ventilation Times (times/hr) 332
Working Temperature ( °C) 60~80
Oil Consumption (L/hour) 6~8
Insulation material of Wall Panel PE
Power (KW) 17
Main Blower Inlet 7.5 KW Professional Blowers & Exhaust 7.5 KW Professional Blower