Quick Overview


The PBBSF122 Paint booth is the standard design of a Standard Paint Booth delivered by DaTo.

Installed with two blowers (one turbo speed blower motor and one 5.5KW blower on the exhaust), it delivers 22,000 m³/h of Air flow volume. The possibility of the Exhaust Blower enables the painter to have more wide angle spray over the vehicle without over spray due to high suctional force. Also enables healthy and good breathing habits for the Painter.

Installed with Italian Burner (diesel) for baking function, the quick baking function eliminates dust free paint finish. 

In most cases you can deliver the car without a polish. Optimized for high speed Glossy Painting. 



Overall Dimension (m) 7.0*5.3*3.5
Inner Dimension (m) 6.9*3.9*2.7
Drive Through Door Width (m) 3
Drive Through Door Height (m) 2.7
Steel Plate Thickness (mm) 0.326
Filtrated Area (m²) 20
Air Flow Volume (m³/h) 22000
Air Velocity within booth (m/s) 0.25~0.35
Ventilation Times (times/hr) 265
Working Temperature ( °C) 60~80
Oil Consumption (kg/set) 6~8
Insulation material of Wall Panel PE
Power (KW) 13.5
Main Blower Inlet 7.5 KW Professional Blowers & Exhaust 5.5 KW Standard Blower

**Free delivery and Installation in all over UAE