Coolant System Flushing Machine | DCS600 | DaTo Tech


Quick Overview

Product Features

The Exclusive Smart operation features build in systems.

  1. Digital operation control panel (DOCP) – on demand bases 
  2. Advance control panel 
  3. Safety pressure management systems (SSPMS) 
  4. Self secure systems (SSSS) 
  5. Diagnostic operation management system (SDOMS) 
  6. Flow Control management system (SFCMS) 
  7. Leak detection management System (SLDMS) 
  8. Automatic Over pressure control system. (AOPCS) 
  9. Full diagnostic features analyzing all cooling system components. 
  10. Advanced flow technology, maintain the operating pressure at 0.055 – 10 PSI) 
  11. Generate Temperature rate up to 90 °C (Build in units) 
  12. Temperature handling rate 125 °C 
  13. TPS – (thermos protection System). 
  14. Back flow control sensor (BFS) 
  15. Safe draining and filling system. 
  16. Thermal Safe control measures (TSCM) 
  17. Electrical Leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) 
  18. Thermal heat production system (THPS) 
  19. Environmental friendly specification. 
  20. Hydraulic nozzles with a stainless steel 316 screw type fittings 
  21. Customized product and services for different industries


The one of its kind Coolant System machine developed with focus to ensure the confirmed cooling efficiency to the Engine, there by delivering long lasting life to the Engine as well as to optimize the performance and avoiding a major overhaul. The Coolants System that performs as the core of any vehicle may be considered indebt in diagnosing the present status, affecting suitable corrections and finally Flushing the same and topping up with the recommended grade of the coolant. Handling High Speed Engines and Super Cars the COOL TECH 140 has in its pride a wide list of renowned clientele with utmost satisfaction. 

Here in, the consolidated details could be referred by a quick over look:


Parameters Flow(L/m) PSI Thermal Volt 220 Safety Body Fittings Acc
DCS 600 600 0.20 Yes 220 V Yes Metal Yes Yes