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DaTo DIGC302 Injector Cleaner & Tester Specialized in V8 Injectors Designed in Humanization with Wide-Range Adaptors and Advanced Technology for Complete Cleaning & Testing.

DaTo, as one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of professional diagnostic tools, equipment’s and accessories in the automotive aftermarket, is committed to creating maximum long-term value for customers worldwide by providing quality-assured, easy-to-use, cost-effective and innovative products.

DaTo DIGC302, as an advanced injector tester and cleaner specialized in V8 injectors with wide-range adaptors for national and imported car makes, is the ideal equipment for professional mechanics and auto repair stores to perform all-around cleaning and comprehensive tests on injectors and fuel supply system on most main vehicles.



  1.   Before the injector detergent is added into the ultrasonic cleaner, do not turn on the ultrasonic cleaner. Otherwise, damage may be incurred.
  2.   Do not dip the pulse signal cables plug and the injector’s body into the detergent.
  3.   The continuous work time of the ultrasonic cleaner shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes, otherwise it will shorten the life.
  4.   Please put out the power plug when not in operation.
  5.   The machine supports for petrol injector only, it can’t support for diesel injector.




Multiple Powerful Functions

Injectors on vehicles are advised to be cleaned and assure proper injection of the fuel for a better homogenous mixture of the fuel and air. As an advanced electromechanical product, DaTo DIGC302 can clean and test injectors by simulating engine working conditions, also perform cleaning on the injectors and fuel supply system on vehicle as follows:

  1.          Ultrasonic Cleaning: To perform simultaneous cleaning on several injectors and to remove the carbon deposits on the injector completely.
  2.          Uniformity/Spray ability Test: To test the uniformity of injecting amount of each injector, and to monitor the spraying status of each injector with the help of backlight. This test is also used for reverse flush.
  3.          Leakage Test: To test the sealing and dribbling conditions of injectors under system pressure.
  4.          Injecting Flow Test: To check the injecting amount of the injector in 15 seconds of constant injection.
  5.          Automatic Test: To test injectors by simulating different working conditions.


  1.          Complete Cleaning: Adopting the powerful ultrasonic cleaning technology, The DaTo Injector Cleaner & Tester DIGC302 offers complete cleaning to the injectors.
  2.          Stable & Adjustable: Fuel pressure control through microcomputer offers stable pressure control and large adjustable range, which is suitable for most vehicles and can help to achieve automatic cleaning and testing of injectors.
  3.          Automatic Cleaning/Testing/Monitoring: With the help of microcomputer control and digital display, the equipment makes possible automatic cleaning, testing injectors and real-time monitoring of the dynamic values.
  4.          No Residue: Automatic fuel draining through preset programs for some test items. Test liquid/detergent can also be drained by pushing a button on the control panel after the test.
  5.          Full-Range Adaptors: DaTo DIGC302 comes with a full-range set of adaptors for national and imported car makes which comprises what any user would want to have.
  6.          User Friendly: Adopting humanization design can make the system pressure fast restored to the default values.
  7.          Intuitive LED Display: This injector cleaner tester equipped with LED display, high definition tube display, makes operation clear and easy.
  8.          Operate Simultaneously: This can clean one or two injectors at the same time to remove carbon deposit completely.



Functions & Models Accessory

DIGC 302

Ultrasonic Cleaning


Uniformity/Spray-ability Test


Leakage Test


Injecting Flow Test


Auto Test


On-vehicle Cleaning











Gross Weight: 27kg

Net Weight:18kg

Size: 670 x 470 x 600  (L x W x H)