LED Testing Lamps - ALTLL101

Quick Overview

Product Features

The LED testing lamp model ALTLL101 from DaTo is a very wise solution for any kind of inspection works or mechanical works as to be used in a mechanical garage/ Inspection Bay. 

The Light is rechargeable and comes along with the USB port for charging where in you can find a charging facility any where. 

The array of LED lights on the sides that are highly powerful is useful in working around the vehicle at dim light especially in the engine compartment, below the glove box area, or even under chassis. 

The magnetic base of the machine enables the feature of just attaching it to the side walls, under chassis etc and bend the light to the suitable angle to have more visibility of the working area. 

In addition the same could also be used as a Torch Light as it has ONE strong LED lamp in the top side. 

The hanging hook of the light is another advantage in case the light needs to be hanged on a hook or a screw or bolt of the car.

Above all the, the light is exteremely heavy duty and robust and free of maintenance, providing atleast 3 hours of battery back for continuous usuage.



* Complete set of LED Lights 

* Rechargeable Samsung Li- ion battery

* 180 degree bendable

* With Magnetic Base

* Torch light in the front end

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