Quick Overview

              The condition of brake fluid is still too often ignored, which can put customers in very real danger. DaTo believes that up to three out of five cars on the road today may contain brake fluid that’s below the recommended safety limit. The safety critical importance of brake fluid testing cannot be over stressed. When moisture contamination gets to a certain level, brake fluid loses its effectiveness and safe braking is seriously compromised. It measures the boiling point of brake fluid in less than a minute, independent of atmospheric influence, giving a precise indication of water penetration, time after time.

DaTo DBS9038 brake fluid tester pen comes with LED lights to detect the quality of the fluid. It is very simple to use and highly accurate providing the values in seconds.



  •   Measures the boiling point of brake fluid to identify water content with high precision
  •   Pinpoints accurate results in less than one minute
  •   Occupies very less space and can be carried in pocket
  •   Works exclusively from original containers, so transferring brake fluid is not necessary. Results are quicker, cleaner and environmentally friendly.


• Quality is tested and indicated on five LEDs in terms of “per cent of water in the brake fluid”.
• LED display: Green: no water – OK.
                          Yellow: less than 1% of water. – Warming.
                          Yellow/yellow: approx. 2% of water. – Warming.
                          Yellow/yellow/red: approx. 3% of water. The oil should be changed.
                          Yellow/yellow/red/red: At least 4% of water. Change the oil urgently.

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