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DHA 800 – Manual Head Light Tester

Quick Overview


  • Measure light intensity of high beam.
  • Manually observe the central deviation of the optical
  • axis of headlight.
  • Manually observe the relative position of the turning
  • point of the cut-off light of low beam.
  • Manual measure the height of headlight.




The high resolution Heady Light Tester adopting the newest CCD machine vision camera and high-speed MSP (mixed signal Processing) technology, various parameters of high beam and low-beam can be measured quickly and accurately.

Using CCD image processing technology, it precisely determines optical shading cut-off line and turning angle, accurately measures emission position of low-beam. With advanced embedded computer, integration of control, measurement and display makes it more reliable, installation, calibration and use more convenient.

Fast photoelectric scanning positioning eliminates interfaces from heterogeneous lights, ensuring precision of automatic tracing positioning. With feature of automatic identification, it can fully test headlights with different light distribution characteristics, for vehicle series from China, European ECE, American SAE and Japanese JIS etc.

Various inspections mode setting, which is practical and flexible, can be applicable on independent unit, system control or host system control. RS-232C serial communication interface and Ethernet interface make the networking more convenient.

Measuring Range

  1. Central Height of Headlight:50cm ~ 130cm
  2. Light Intensity: 0 ~ 60,000cd (standard)
  3. 0 ~ 120,000cd (maximum)


  1. Light Intensity of High Beam: ±100cd

Indication Error

  1. Light Intensity of High Beam: ±12%

Measuring Distance: 30 ~ 50cm
Power Consumption: < 0.5W (for complete machine)


  1. 590mm(W) 1810mm(H) 590mm(D)
  2. Net Weight: 30Kg

Operation Condition

  1. Environmental Temperature: 5 ~ 40℃
  2. Relative Humidity: Less than 95%
  3. Atmosphere Pressure:70.0 ~ 106.0KPa