Professional car Videoscope - EEI-100

Quick Overview

Product Features

  1. Professional borescope:Operate accurately and rapidly with gloves on.
  2. Portable product
  3. Work and record for 4 hrs continuously,charged for 2hrs.
  4. 3.5" Extra-wide view angle TFT.
  5. Optimize illuminant design.
  6. Rapid assemble lens module.
  7. Zoom in/ Mirror supported


Detection of the car's performance, the engine is one of the main To test accessories. Car repair plant will face the problem of the internal coke and damage repair of automobile engines. Eyes and listen to the voice of experience to judge such problems, are inadequate. Engine endoscope can easily solve this problem. Without disassembling the engine cylinder head direct endoscopy in the gasoline engine spark plug mounting hole or diesel fuel injector mounting holes direct examination of the cylinder carbon deposits and cylinder performance.


Model EEI-100 EEI-080
Dimension 117.5*207*37mm 93.5*209.5*57.5mm
Power supply Rechargeable lipolymer battery 3.7V,power supply AC 100-240V 50-60HZ 4XAA 1.5V batteries
Display 3.5" TFT LCD QVGA 2.4" TFT LCD QVGA(320X240)
Language 27 languages english
Working temperature -20°C~60°c 0°C~60°c
Memory SD Card(upto 32 G) *Option;recording box
Compression format Compliant with MPEG4 --
Image storage format jpeg (640*480) -
Battery life 4 hrs after charging 2 hrs 8hrs(*Typical)

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