Quick Overview

ACT100 is a multi-function circuit testing tool, with the special design of testing probe. This tester can detect various fault locations of the automobile circuit safely and efficiently, without peeling the wire. It can be applicable for the maintenance of automobile circuit, and for the automobile accessories, such as the installation of burglar alarms, sound, GPS anti-theft tracking system, subwoofer, etc.


  1. The front end has a unique feeler to search within the circuit, without peeling the wire, attached with a small lamp allowing users to work in dim areas.
  2. Its pointed design at the front also enables user to work in narrow spaces of the automobile circuit.
  3. Users may use the control knob to switch to different functions: e.g. voltage, resistance, diode, buzzer, etc.
  4. The tester contains several test lamps and a test pulse signal function.
  5. It has a special voltage drop function for detecting bad contact or aging wires.
  6. Beeping for short-circuit test
  7. Backlighting for display, measurement unit changeable.



  1. LED1 function tests for weak and pulse-width signals
  2. Test lamp is mainly to test low voltage and current, as well as stronger electric signal.
  3. Test Lamp & Multimeter Voltage function means that the test lamp and voltage work simultaneously, to measure some wires with bad contact or aging wires Voltage measurement
  4. Resistance measurement
  5. Diode measurement
  6.  Circuit off/on measurement
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