Quick Overview

Product Features

  1. Display :Backlit,128X64 pixel display
  2. Operating temperature:0 to 60°C(32 to 140f°)
  3. Storge temperature:-20 to 70°C(-4 TO 158F°)
  4. Diagnostic Box: External power:8 to 12V power provided via vehicle DLC
  5. Pressure tester:Internal power:9V dry battery
  6. Wireless communication distance:15 to 50m
  7. Wireless frequency:43MHz
  8. Diagnostic protocol standard:All OBD compliance and CAN
  9. Pressure tested range:0~20bar
  10. Fuel system cleaning pressure:0~7bar


The first integration of car maintenance, testing and diagnosis. Multilanguage applicable including english , german, french, dutch, russian, etc. LED display with door menu and easy operation. Customize function modules for option. Wireless diagnosis and digital wireless fuel pressure test. Wide models can be tested with stable performance and reliable data. Digital wireless fuel pressure gauge with adaptor for all cars makes. A variety of advanced design integration leads the new trend of vehicle maintenance & inspection product.


  1. Fuel system on-vehicle cleaning and testing functions
  2. Auto diagnostic functions (applicable to OBDII and EOBD)
  3. Read fault codes and display code definition
  4. Turn off check engine light,clear trouble codes & reset monitors
  5. Read live data stream and display data in waveform
  6. Fuel pressure testing functions
  7. Fuel system pressure test
  8. Engine oil pressure test
  9. A/T oil pressure test
  10. Additional oil system pressure test available
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