Quick Overview

The DaTo DBT series of battery analyzer uses the modern technology in battery testing which can test all 12V starting battery: either Wet(flooded), VRLA or Maintenance Free (MF), Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF), Absorption Glass Mat(AGM) and GEL cell in less than 7 seconds. Results are repeatable and does not drain the battery during testing.

Testing can be done on the battery whether it is on or off the vehicle while engine is OFF.

Unlike conductance method, our analyzer uses the battery internal resistance gathered during testing to compute the final results of the battery condition. This process involve by a series of shorting pulse across the battery terminals with resulting drop in the voltage being measured by the microprocessors to compute its final results.

Model: DBT 301 (Printer built-in)
Application: 12V, Starting Battery
Display: Text/ Language

Number of Tests:
1. Battery Test -12V (Good/Recharge/Replace, Volt, CCA, mOhm, Life %)
2. Grounding Test - 12V
3. Starter Test - 12/24V
4. Alternator Test - 12/24V (Normal or Smart Alternator) + Diode Ripple



1.     Key-in Particulars- allows user to key-in (input) car plate, battery model, vehicle registration, and customer name and reference numbers during test to be saved on the memory.

2.       Customizable Header on paper printout for Company name and contact details

3.       Car and Motorcycle selection- specialized algorithm for 12V car and motorcycle batteries

4.       Normal/ Smart Alternator selection- built for cars with Smart Charge system

5.       Barcode Scanner provision- scan barcodes on battery to be included on the test report. Barcode scanned cannot be tampered ideal for warranty claim validation.

6.        PC Link- connects PC for records or email to customer and printout A4 size test report



Operating Voltage

 36V DC (max)


Built-in reverse polarity protection.

DC Volts Accuracy:

+/- 2% reading

Battery analyzing time:

Less than 8 seconds-


English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Romani, Swedish, Dutch & Finnish


Stored up to 47 Test results.


PC connection:

Through USB port

Printer head:

Thermos print head.

Paper width.


56.5mm 0.5mm

Paper roll diameter:

40.0 mm O.D-


Working temperature

0-50° C