Quick Overview

The voltmeter displays voltage input with alarm "Beeps" trigger if voltage falls below 11.8V or higher than 15.2V (for 12 V System) or below 23.8V or higher than 29.2V (for 24V system).

The Pin`s LED will blink slow, steady and fast to indicate if there is a presence of voltage (positive or negative) detected at a particular pin. If there is a reverse polarity occurred, the green LEDs at pin 4 (Chassis) and pin 5 (Signal) ground will light up and turns into red colour.


The Innovative OBD Link Connecter performs tests on each and every 16 pins of OBD2 port for abnormality caused by shorting or reverse polarity with ignition key is OFF, ON and engine running to avoid damage to your scan tool prior plug in.

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