Quick Overview

DaTo Tire Changer TCL3035RGL have high resolution camera and 8" VGA LCD visualization system lets operator to monitor and control tyre demounting operation. Imported hydraulic pump station and reverse switch. Pneumatic tyre lifter save man power. Full automatic operation control and clamping rim size 10"-30" are specially suitable for big size tyre, explosion-proof tyre, low profile tyre, RV tyres and big vacuum tyres.

Tire changer machine is an essential tool in automotive repair shops, tire service centers, and garages. It is designed to efficiently remove and install tires on rims, making the process of tire maintenance and replacement much easier and faster. These machines are built to handle a wide range of tire sizes and types, from small passenger car tires to larger truck or SUV tires.



Tire changer machine is a vital piece of equipment for any automotive repair or tire service facility. Its efficiency, versatility, and precision make it indispensable for tire maintenance and replacement tasks, helping businesses deliver quality service to their customers while maximizing productivity and safety.



Rim Dimension


Working Pressure

8-10bar (116-145psi)

Hydraulic Pressure

100 bar

Optional rotating motor power supply

220v (1ph/3ph) / 380v (3ph)

Optional pump power motor power supply

220v (3ph) / 380v (3ph)

Rotating motor power

0.75/1.1 kw

Pump power

1.5 kw

Bead breaker force


N/G Weight

573/660kg (1260.6/1452lbs)

DaTo tire changers designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you're a small garage looking for a compact tire changer or a large automotive workshop in need of a high-capacity machine, we have you covered. 

Our selection includes a variety of tire changers with advanced features such as automatic mounting/demounting systems, adjustable clamping mechanisms, and intuitive control panels. With DaTo's cutting-edge technology and robust construction, our tire changers are built to handle the toughest tire changing tasks with ease. As a manufacture of best quality tire changers, we guarantee the authenticity and quality of our products. DaTo is renowned for its commitment to innovation and excellence, delivering tire changers that set the industry standard for performance and durability.