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Quick Overview

Heavy Duty Wheel Aligner Features

  • Using independent intellectual property rights, new design concept and advanced technology to create the perfect four-wheel aligners.
  • 360 degrees closed space comprehensive measurement of the vehicle chassis, using measuring principle of geometric centerline and thrust line, the steering wheel shall be centered after adjustment.
  • Adopting high-precision CCD image sensor and angle sensor technology guarantees the accuracy of system measurement. Adopting Zigbee wireless communication with high-frequency 2.4 GHZ, low power consumption, stable and reliable transport capacity.
  • Mutual control of the sensor and control unit saves saves time and efficiency of the Alignment procedures.
  • The systematic and distributive Multilanguage control platform can freely set (download) or replace by host computer the current language platform, measurement unit, resolution, etc.
  • More than 20000 data of domestic and foreign models with fuzzy query and database intelligent upgrading function.
  • Windows lanes special wireless networks, supports networking, optional inserting and connecting extended equipment such as measuring scale, PDA, damping tester and simulator.
  •  Two modes of systematical self-calibration function: Uniform system calibration and individual sensor calibration;
  • Adopts personalized, humanized and intelligent operation control system with simple and sensitive touch-key buttons. Photosensitive backlight control LCD indicating remaining battery capacity and communication signal;
  • Comprehensive upgrades system measuring speed; high stability of data transmission; multi-station positioning system at the same network band can work together at the same time and ensure the independent, 
  • Multi-language audio play, 3D animation operation navigation and built-in professional training course combining with simulator guides even less experienced technicians quickly and easily through the measurement process.




The most professional and dynamic Wheel Aligner, offering Wireless Communication with large LCD Screen. The compact design of the Wheel Aligner provides ease of operation and convenience of bay arrangement.


FRONT AXLE Toe ±1′ ±24°
Camber ±1′ ±10°
Caster ±2′ ±20°
Steering Axle Inclination ±2′ ±20°
Set-Back ±1′ ±10°
REAR AXLE Toe ±1′ ±24°
Camber ±1′ ±10°
Set-Back ±1′ ±10°
Thrust-Angle ±1′ ±10°

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